Janvier 2016 Amine El Khatmi

Depuis plusieurs jours, Amine El Khatmi, maire adjoint socialiste d’Avignon, est victime d’une campagne de haine sur Twitter, dans l’indifférence presque générale. Son seul tort : avoir dénoncé les propos de Wiam Berhouma, tenus la semaine dernière dans l’émission “DPDA” face à Alain Finkielkraut, et surtout rappelé son attachement à la laïcité.

Source: Amine El Khatmi, résistant de la laïcité dans la tourmente sur Twitter

My Shameful FGM Story

Break The Silence | Stop Khatna

After FGM – Today, I publish the account of the painful genital mutilation I was subjected to when I was just a little child. I am a married woman, blessed with daughters. Truly, parents of girls live in the land of angels. Truly, these girls are blessed to have my wonderful husband as a father. And I am blessed to have a man who pushes me to live for my dreams, stands by my side, proud and unafraid.

I’ve always had the belief that my life is for a reason. And I strongly believe that each and every one of us are defined by our experiences and our attitude towards them.

My experience has become the reason. I have been defined by it. My life was shaped around it. It is inescapable.

Please know that I remember that miserable day in all its small details. The event of going for…

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